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Guitar Courses & Guitar Tutoring

Learning to play the guitar
by guitar tutor, experienced in concerts and studios

Gitarrenkurs und Gitarrenunterricht



We offer you a new way to learn the guitar Learning in your spare time, in your holidays and recreation at the same time, at a price you can afford. Later at home you go over the studies and deepen the material because now you "know how".
Make an end to the do-it-yourself guitar self studies.
Come to us in the Black Forest near the Siwss border between Basel and Schaffhausen. Combine a beautiful holiday with learning how to play guitar - why not try a different more enjoyable way? Whatever you want - finger picking, chords, rhythms, folk, pop, rock, blues, ragtime - we show you how ...

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Guitar Course - how much would you like?
(all in one piece or bits and pieces?)

One Guitar Course , i.e. one big whole unit for a certain time to attain certain prearranged goals.
Learning various rhythms on the guitar, picking patterns that go with it etc. Just what you'd like to play. Everything is possible - lots of song examples.

Or Guitar tutoring along a systematic structure. No need to say beforehand how much you want - we just go along together - "open ended". Again here lots of song examples.

So - Guitar Course for beginners

for everyone, who just wants to start learning the guitar from nowhere.

or Guitar Course for advanced players

for everyone, who is already using their guitar professionally (in school, church, with children etc.) and would like to improve and learn new things.

Or just simply for fun, holiday or, or, or...

per day - EUR 35,-
two units per day

Lodging not included - but can be arranged - in nice guest houses nearby
So you're free to come and go and also enjoy some of this beautiful countryside...

Single rooms - price please ask.
Or double rooms for groups - price please ask.

Times and Dates:
Anytime - you can even extend or we make special arrangements.

You can enrol here straight away

or just call me on the phone -
Phone: 0049 (0)7753 2992 (Germany).

or ask for more details via Email

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